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Weekly Virtual Pet Fairs

The shelter in place orders across the world have undoubtedly shifted the ways businesses have to operate. Animal Rescues are no exception. Because of this our proud partners at AZCare Rescue were quickly pressured to find other ways to help animals find their forever homes.

You may have heard of this month’s Underdog, Breanna Wright, who signed on as official Creative Director for the non-profit organization. Wright is both vital to the daily operations of AZCare as well as adopting streaming technologies to aid in the challenge of helping unite animals to loving homes.


AZCare President answering questions about an adoptable pup

Whether it be our frequent Zoom Meetings that seem to take up most of our time, or watching Dog videos on Youtube, streaming technologies have become quickly ingrained in our everyday lives.

It is through the hard work of Wright that AZCare was able to leverage the technology to uphold their mission of helping out animals.

The non-profit no-kill animal rescue has devised a way of hosting Facebook Live events where participants can learn about various techniques used and promote their Meet’N’Greet service where you may schedule a 1 on 1 session to meet the advertised animal in a more intimate session.

They also utilize this time slot to answer any questions anyone may have about the adoption process!

You can learn more about the weekly live sessions via their Facebook link:

Facebook Event Link: LIVE Weekly Pet Fair