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Gooddogs Clothing Company is a brand dedicated to Doing More Good by donating 20% of the proceeds to local animal shelters. Gooddogs aims to amplify the stories of those who overcame the hardest battles while standing as an icon so that others may also do more good. Here’s to the ones that fought or continue to fight the good fight.

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What are Underdogs?

Underdogs are the ones that believe that some fights are worth fighting.

It is through these individuals that have inspired us to take action to strive to become better versions of ourselves. Aiming to redefine what it means to be an underdog, we hope to form a community around being the best individuals we can be. It is imperative that we learn from one another and further what it means to never give up.

Everyone roots for the Underdog.

We all love a good underdog story. A hero faced with impeccable odds, stacking higher and higher against them until the problems begin to shadow where there’s already shade. Just when the hero thinks it can’t get any worse, life piles on more and more until they are practically written off or in such bad condition they are faced with a decision. Quit or carry on.

Redefining the Underdog.

An underdog means overcoming great unthinkable bad to achieve remarkable good. But it doesn’t take a hero to do more good. We all face odds like this on a daily basis. We can also learn from the examples our canine companions set out for us. Dogs always see the good in people, with no judgement and no agenda. That is the core principle of Gooddogs.
We work with local businesses around the area and dedicate free-time to helping these animals finds their forever homes. Our hope is to one day create a symbol of hope that will help anyone actualize with the Underdog they truly are.

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