Gooddogs Clothing Company is a brand dedicated to Doing More Good by donating 25% of the proceeds to local animal shelters. Gooddogs aims to amplify the stories of those who overcame the hardest battles while standing as an icon so that others may also do more good. Here’s to the ones that fought or continue to fight the good fight.

Why do we root for the Underdog?

It is through time dedicated to volunteering at animal rescues that we have had the fortune of hearing the most inspiring tales of both brave animals and humans overcoming adversity. Animals such as Sven, a lab mix who born as the runt of litter and had a hard time adjusting with his siblings. His small stature made it hard for him to gain the nutrients he needed during the most crucial developmental periods of a puppies life.

Sven, one of the puppies we have had the pleasure of working with. A scrappy lab mix underdog who fought for his life.
If things couldn’t get worse, we soon discovered Sven acting strange. After weeks and weeks in at the vet, it was discovered that Sven had an infectious gastrointestinal virus. A virus better known as Parvo. This virus is known to be quite deadly especially for puppies in Sven’s age range. It was here where it was almost decided that Sven was not going to be around for long.
To everyone’s disbelief, Sven began to act his normal self again and suddenly made a miraculous comeback in growth. Despite impeccable odds, Sven pulled through and through Do Gooders support, found his forever home within the first day of adoption!

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