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Gooddogs Clothing Company is a brand dedicated to Doing More Good by donating 20% of the proceeds to local animal shelters. Gooddogs aims to amplify the stories of those who overcame the hardest battles while standing as an icon so that others may also do more good. Here’s to the ones that fought or continue to fight the good fight.

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April Donation: $250+

We want to start this off by saying this post will be the first of many. We would like to thank everyone for their support in spreading the message of doing more good. It is through your efforts we were able to generate over $250 for the Arizona Center for Animal Rescue and Education (AZCARE). AZCare Rescue is a local non-profit, no-kill animal rescue that has helped changed the lives of everyone involved by providing story after story of beings, human and animal alike, over coming true adversity. It has warmed our hearts that throughout the sale, we have been inundated with many stories of families that have opened their home to their own rescue animals.

As a community, you have demonstrated what impacts your choices have in helping those around us. It is through these intense acts of kindness that truly inspire us to continue to attempt to bring change and further do more good.

Thank you.

Doing Good, Globally!

We are excited to announce the first amount being donated, all of which was raised by supporters like you. Our initial drop was bigger success than we could ask for, raising   $256.44 USD    in total for the month of April, we can’t thank everyone enough. Within the first sales we were psyched to see all the different countries we were shipping out packages and stickers to! We had orders from our neighboring states to all the way in Japan! It brings us joy to know that our logo and message is being spread globally!!


GDC Distribution of packages within the month of April!

How are the funds used?

We spoke to the treasurer of our proud partners at AZCare Rescue who were kind enough to let us know exactly how our donations are distributed! It is very important that our supporters understand exactly where their money is going. As all of you know, 25% of every purchase is donated which, according to Crystal,

Donations towards the dogs goes to fund vaccines, dewormer, food, puppy pads, spay and neuter costs, training, and any other medical bills.

For instance, we brought in a new mama and 9 of her 4 day old puppies yesterday.


That mama is eating 2 cans of wet food and 2 cups of dry food a day, just trying to keep her babies healthy.


When her puppies are 6 weeks old, we’ll do their first round of vaccines, and vaccinate mom.


Then at 8 weeks they get their next round of vaccines, are microchipped, and will be fixed if they’re up to weight.


At 12 weeks they are vaccinated again, and then they’ll be ready for adoption.


During the time between 6 weeks and when they’re adopted, they’ll be eating puppy food, both wet and dry and using a LOT of puppy pads while they’re being potty trained.

- Crystal Treasurer for the AZ Center for Animal Rescue and Education

You can read more about the Good News about these pups in an upcoming post about more updates.

I hope all of you can find the comfort in understanding that you helped these animals out. You helped raise this money and you did more good.

This marks a huge milestone for us and we hope it does for you as well. We are proud of the work we are doing and hope it makes you proud to share the story as well. Here’s to more donations and doing more good in the future!